Gay Abandon

by Screen Wives

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Lose yrself in Gay Abandon


released May 3, 2019

Muck - shouting, words, strings
Corey - shouting, words, strings, piano
Tom - drums, percussion
Amee - guest vocals on "Greetings from Genosha" and "Poor Jon".

Recorded, engineered and mastered by Greg Webster at Sunlight Studios January 2019:

Artwork by Patrick Allan:

Thank You


all rights reserved



Screen Wives London, UK

Panic-ridden post-hardcore for fats and fems.

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Track Name: Labyrinthitis
It's a low honed drone, sounds hollow, home sweet home. Rain kissed hills, satstic figures, forefeits, wine & pills. There's a forcefield you can't leave. Walls each way. Breadcrumbs for the impossible maze. Forfeit, discarded, wingless Prince. Pinned to the grid, lost to the drone.
Track Name: Gay Abandon
If our love caught yr throat, well "we hope that you choke". Must move to stay alive but stay still to build a hive. We were born to endure a world of crashing bores. Build an island, oh! You! You, diamond you! Manicures painted on the minute hand. So crown me as your queen, I didn't come all this way not to be seen.
Track Name: Dressed for Business
Subtle is my dress, his song hits my ears and I! Am! Gone! Pull every thorn from his feet. In mother's bridal gown walking the aisle drinking my baby teeth. Silent is my dress, his hands hit my sweetspots and I! Am! Gone! Kiss each dead tooth in my skull. Why waste my time on worry? I could spend it with his body. Hamfisted and dressed for business. Shining is my dress. His eyes lock with mine and I! Am! Gone! Bless every star in his beard and crown him with many crowns.
Track Name: Greetings from Genosha
A plague upon your house. A hex on your name, A pox upon your family tree. Magneto raised valid points. Dire straits we are trapped in, blood sports in vicious lands. I kept my love well hid, go back to yr wife and kids. Oh the world of heterosexual is a sad and boring life. force feed me mortgages and dull matrimony, I won't keep my love well hid. Pox upon pox upon pox upon pox upon pox. There's no such thing as a best man. Straight panic defence.
Track Name: Horse Potential
The map reveals the ersatz landscape: Mind + Body = Empty vectors/fleeting pleasures/crowd displeasing self-abasement. Horse potential.
Track Name: Pretty Police
My paws are damp, slick with love. A beast with two backs and a saddle for comfort. God bless this bountiful harvest! My beard is lush with seed. My organs on display, my pelvic flaws concave. My paws are wet, soaked with love. Badges and knees, pretty police. These heels only sashay. I will not walk with shame, but I can spin you gold if you can guess my name. Badges and needs, pretty please.
Track Name: Fully Pollinated
I found a pill on the bathroom floor. I woke up in the hospital. House built out of match and straw, some day son this will all be yours! There's no need for wedding bands, it takes a village and hairy hands. Hamstrung in the bright bright sun, but I've no distance left to run.
Track Name: Poor John
"Poor John, I hear he died in a most godawful way"
"I hear he laid alone for a thousand days"
"I hear his corpse is in a terrible way"
"I heard it was an accident"
"I heard it was incurable"
"I heard he died the way he lived"
"I heard he did it to himself"
"Oh John, we miss your smile, it's something that we can't recall"
"I miss those tales of how you did those things you did"
"We heed this tale of how you lost it all"
"I can't say that I knew him well and I barely recall his face"
"I did not know him"
Track Name: Teeth Disco
Horses for courses, a million divorces. Down on all fourses, eating honeycomb. Make me kissable for love conditional. Heterostasis. All ears, sell myself short. Hospitalized on honeymoon island, drifting and dreaming and silent. Go back to sleep Go back to sleep Go back to sleep Go back to sleep Go back to sleep
Track Name: Theme from Screen Wives
Walk like yr generous and brave. Turn yr walks of shame to pride parades. Sunshine for the shade! Yr malfunctions in a warm embrace. Late tonight. Fierce tonight. Electrified. Sunset ride, I'll pass the stereo if you let me drive. You can fall asleep right by my side. Towards false dawns of shadow city lights. Virtue is cute but won't keep us alive. Walk! Like yr generous and brave. Turn! Walks of shame to pride parades. Sunshine for the shade! Fool for life, Queen today.

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